Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello, my dearest 5 people who actually read this!I admit I am slacktacular and suck at being consistent... but a new day has dawned and I am trying to commit myself to doing a weekly blog to share my crazy ass life with the internet universe!
The one constant in my life is that I am still making art!For me making art comes before breathing...then breathing is second smoking the third ect....LOL! Here are a few projects I completed recently
Paper Mache with Painted Skeletal Anatomy

"Abraham TWINKin"a vintage mens cologne bottle I painted !A tribute to my favorite artist Scott Scheidly

A Pagan Buddhist Gypsy Witch themed collage coffee table 
I am still making jewelry which I sell on consignment at various shops around Poughkeepsie NY and NYC I have been doing a lot of casual men's accessories.People ...dudes, in particular, seem to like them...because they are simple as well as comfortable.I am usually not simple with anything I do but with men's accessories, I think more men can pull off and are willing to wear things that are on the simpler side here are some examples of my menswear accessories.So there ya have it short but sweet blog update I am trying to keep up with monthly postings just mainly so I can show some follow through...Who says old dawgs can't learn new tricks?
Deer Antler choker inlaid with Australian Opal ,old Indian head nickel I made into a button for the clasp

Thursday, May 12, 2016

HOLY SHIT is it really May already?

Hey Yall Merry Kindred Spirits !
I have'nt posted in a while and I wanted to catch up a bit and share !The New Age and Esoteric Community folks are talking about " the quickening" which is (what I gather anyway) the philosophy that Time itself is speeding up along with technology and human evolution is all part of "The Singularity" check out this ..Terrance Mckenna's Timewave Zero Presentation ...I think That All The New Age Kooks have a good point!I can't Believe it is already may !
My beautiful and Super awesome daughter Zoe graduated from cosmetology school !It was truly a John Waters moment attending the Beauticians certificate ceremony!I congratulate Zoe and hope she has a prosperous beauty career!I am truly a living John Waters character!LOL!You have to admit the resemblance is uncanny ...

The Cream Street House saga continues....
With a whole new cast of characters...we have new tenants... Matt who is a really cute(he looks like Jack White of the white stripes ) 23-year-old kid from Fla who goes to school at the Culinary Institute but seems to have a passion for guitar .He is an all around cool cat  .I have a house guest who isnt really a tenant but a real character none the less...His name is Pope Black as he is a sub-genius member I guess you could say ...he was the Sub-genius Pope of Germany!If you are not familiar with the Sub-Genius Movement you must truly acquaint yourself .My life seems to be peppered with characters who associate themselves with the Sub-Genius Movement ....Pope Black Aka Dave is a real piece of work !He moved  back to the United States just over a year ago from Germany where he lived for the past 14 years .It is truly amusing when he gets falling down drunk and forgets he is back in the states and speaks to all of us in German.Dave has helped me complete a lot of home improvements on the house and was instrumental in planting the garden this year .Dave is a Chef who  has worked in kitchens all over the world he is actually a great cook.He makes these one pot Zombie Apocalypse  stews for pennies on the dollar which we all enjoy !LOL He is a really smart dude he went to university in Germany ...he is an expert on the occult and has a lot of rare books on the subject also he is an avid hunter I am looking forward to Hunting season ...we will have lots of venison and wild turkey !(I will be sure to post about it when we do ) I must admit Dave is a bit of a drunken whore and all around kook but he has many redeeming and even endearing qualities and has become a part of our family!I also want to note That I truly Adore one of Daves  girlfriends named Jessica !She is  a really cool self-proclaimed "Satanist "!she is really cute and cool chick I hope Dave doesn't blow it !
we have another new tenant who just moved in a week ago who is another culinary student I don't know him very well but ....he is a Dead Head !which for me speaks volumes !I love Dead Heads !I spent a lot of time following the Grateful Dead in The Eighties literally ..when I was in Ringling Bros many of our shows where after or before in the same arenas The  Dead played .alot of people that went to Rainbow Gatherings were Dead Heads ....I dig it !Anyway !The new tenants mother is a super cool woman who is an Amazing  glass artist .I think he will fit in here at Cream Street..Ya never know ,everyone is always awesome for about a month..then their true nature starts to show ...Living at Casa Le Cream is a great exercise for learning how to live with  the most obnoxious people in harmony
I have been exploring Thangka painting !I am working on a huge painting of a blue buddha for several months now I have yet to finish it which seems to be something I do a lot .I have a short attention span .I seem to have 50 or more unfinished projects around .I love sculpting with clay ,sewing ,collage and multimedia projects !Lately, I have been getting into Kawaii jewelry making because my youngest daughter is into it (and secretly me too!)I am working on men's accessories along with my other jewelry which I mostly sell through boutiques and art galleries/faires.Selling online took the joy out of it for me it isn't all about the Benjamins...I am blessed to have a choice .Reproducing the same thing over and over really sucks the joy out!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kats ,Kittens ,Dogs and Bitches ..Meet the pets living at Casa De Cream Street!

Sidney Sheldon Vicious ...The other bombay Brother to Danzig is a sweet but whiny bitch cat 
Danzig, my Super Awesome Bombay that weighs close to 20 lbs! He is a gentle giant alpha-male!
Zombie cat ...Takes a lickin and keeps on tick'n""

Prince Mookie ....Gone but not forgotten

Pierre.My sweet little french boy
One of my attributes (or flaws, depending on your point of view) is that I am a sucker for a poor lost soul down on their luck And I always say, "Those who are hardest to love usually need it the most!" These principles are not limited to the human genome...I am a punk bitch for needy furry faced critters great and small ! Each and every one of the pets that live at Casa de Cream were supposed to be "temporary residents" until we found good homes...Needless to say, we now have a Menagerie of pets: The Twins /a.k.a. the Fang Brothers, 2 very large thoroughbred Bombay cats,  were from a cat rescue who were left to die after the original owner (who's wife was terminally ill) put his wife to rest, then shot himself .  They are both gentle giants but eat like 400 lb. lions ~ they are fat asses!  Also, Sydney has a meow that sounds like a new born baby crying ...he is a whiny bitch-cat Beta-male, but we all adore him!
Then there is Zombie Cat...She came to us after being abused and hit by a car - she was in such bad shape I didn't think she would make it through the night .She is blind and has cancer.  It is a running joke that we keep burying her in the back yard, but she just keeps coming back! LOL~She has bneurological problems so she moves really weird (almost like an  insect).  She also is blind & is missing huge patches of fur ~ and has a crazy haunting meow!  She scares people!  We have taken her to the vet thinking for sure they will put her down out of mercy but its weird: she seems to always bounce back - she definitely has 9 and a 1/2 lives !
Lua was dumped in the parking lot by Silver Cinemas over by Poughkeepsie Mall . I couldn't just leave her there! She is the sweetest cat in the house ~  she never complains pees or poos where she isn't supposed to & she doesn't scratch my furniture! I like to believe she is grateful that we saved her (of course this is magical thinking on my part but either way I really love this sweet kitty!)

McKenzie is my Boogie down Bronx kitty!She is a little diva!
As far as ghost pets, Mookie was my cat I brought here when I moved from NYC ~ he was a feral bastard and a trouble-maker, but somehow he was my most beloved favorite pet of all time.  I had such a deep connection with this wild mischievious creature!  I was devastated when he got hit by a car 2 years ago .He was like Houdini ~  he always found a way to get out at night so I finally started letting him go out ...he was happy when he was outside...he was a master hunter and  he could catch bird in mid flight ...I thought it was a sin to try to keep him prisioner indoors when you could see him gazing out the window and crying to be outside.  He was chasing a rabbit and ran into the road right in front of a car and instantly he was gone.  I still miss him .  I don't remember ever being so grief-stricken over a cat. He was very special to me & I can't even talk about him without welling up with tears, somehow as bad as it sounds it is comforting to know he was doing what he loved when he died.
Next is McKenzie who is from the Boogie Down Bronx...she was dumped out by a landlord after her prior owner, an old woman, died.  My Daughter Zoe (13 at the time) saw her outside of her grandma's house while visiting and came back home to Poughkeepsie crying bless her heart there was no way out of it ...we loaded up in the car with cat carrier and took the 2 hour drive to get the cat .She must have remembered Zoe because she came right to her and went right into the cat carrier and the rest is history .we have had Mckenzie for going 5 years .She lives on the other side of the house with my friend Stephen who is also a  a tenant spoils her like a princess .
GG !The Beast from hell !She is so cute and cuddley but it is just a trick to suck you in then she attacks like a vicious predator .she means well bless her she is the runt from a litter of  feral cats at a local farm !She is an awesome punk rock feral kitten !we love her and all have the scars to prove it !LOL
The dogs in the house Pierre bless his heart he is all looks and no brains !Pierre is a toy Papillion !For the most part he Lives with Zoe (My 18 yr old)but he is definitely a part of the family !Pierre was chained to a tree in this hillbilly up the road from me !He was with a bunch of mean ole bird dogs ...I felt bad for him so I stopped in and talked to the guy .Apparently the redneck dude that chained the little toy breed dog to the tree got the Papillion  for his ex wife 2 weeks before his wife left him for another man and right then and there he offered me the dog  so I took the little guy he was so feral he didnt answer to a name when we got him .He loves to pee on every thing although I must admit he has come a long way !He has really bonded with Zoe and is an irreplacable pet !
Last but of course not least are our latest additions to The Cream street zoo are My two very sweet long haired dachshunds Roxy born with a birth defect as a result of irresponsible inner breeding practices I call Roxy my three legged wonder because she truly is a force of nature  .And her Mother ,Daisy whom was no longer valuable because she had a defective pup.Daisey is very fearful of everything ..I think her life as a puppy vending machine effected her profoundly and left her a bit frazzled!The two little dogs were brought here as a result of a cordial separation between my boyfriend(Keith aka My silly man ) and his ex-wife .Keith's ex-wife  had a lot on her plate raising their beautiful and amazing (I believe he is an  Indigo child )four year old son .Keith works long hours and has a long commute so It seemed reasonable that I would be able to care for them being that I am home everyday .Long haired dachshunds are a high maintenance  breed with special needs .. I am very grateful to Keith ex wife for letting me have them .the dogs bark for no reason all day long and require vigorous grooming but they bring me so much joy and are great companions the Three legged wonder has become my sidekick we spend every waking hour together !I cook for them breakfast lunch and dinner they are spoiled bitches !LOL!Well that's all the pets of Cream Street I somehow feel sure we will at sometime or another be adding new pets cream street seems to be a vortex for unwanted pets ....I talk alot of shit but the truth is... I am wired to love , whether they are sick,hungry, lost and or broken I welcome them with with open arms !
Lua is the sweetest cat in the house

GG Allin...dont get sucked in by her cuteness!she is a vicious beast viper! LOL!

My sweet long-haired Dachshunds...the three legged wonder Foxy Roxy (left) and Crazy Daisy her Mama (right)

Monday, April 11, 2011

So glad I was born !I had such a great Birthday sun.April 10,2011 I turned 41

I am so glad I was born!I turned 41 yesterday ,April 10,2011.It was the Best
The Eggs Nest in Highfalls ,NY
birthday I ever had !My amazing "Guy Friend" and my super awesome daughters took me to one of my favorite restaurants for brunch at The Eggs nest in Highfalls NY just outside of New Paltz.I Love the food the kooky folk art /gypsy /decor !I had the french onion soup, fish and chips served with a nice slice of toasted home made banana bread .I love the unexpected way they fuse home cooking .The owner Mr.Richard Murphy is an amazing and full of life which is truly reflected in his restaurant which has been there for going on 40 years .Richard  is a beautiful 60 something  white haired flagrantly gay man adorned with a  bright peyote colored rainbow sweater ,his shoes which were nice dress shoes he painted himself and bejeweled .He was draped with a lovely chartreuse silk scarf with fringe !The man exudes light love happiness and of course creativity !He was genuinely delighted when I presented him with one of my clay baby Buddha necklaces  (He has an amazing collection of Buddha statues at the restaurant )
Miniature Reindeer Skulls

1890's specs from Antique store Keith took me to in New Paltz
The" Eggs Nest"is so cozy and casual all the staff are kind and laid back yet hospitable .The food is what I would call american home-style kitsch fusion .It is truly one of my favorite places to eat and Richard (The owner) is one of my favorite new friends !After brunch we went and hit some really awesome antique shops where I got lots of great treasure(I posted pics of my finds ) friend Keith is such a rock star !He really made my birthday super awesome .Then when i arrived home my BFF presented me with a pristine ostrich egg !I cant wait to make something really yummy with it .If anyone has any  suggestions or advise on what to cook with ostrich eggs be sure to leave me a comment .thank you so much all for the lovely birthday wishes !Yall rock !
My BFF Stephen Burgess got me this ostrich egg !Awesome Huh?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sacred Adornments .....About some of my jewelry.......

After sharing my new blog "Living On Cream Street" on facebook and twitter which included some new pictures of my jewelry .... many of my facebook friends left comments on facebook and or like buttoned my jewelry....  being that my jewelry is the main art form /art medium I am currently focusing on at this time  I decided I would talk a little bit about it .
Crescent Moon Wire Sculpure  By Dena Sewell
Bearded Lady choker necklace
Victorian Filligree wire sculpture Labradorite and chalcedony By Dena Sewell
I am interested in the anthropological aspects I like to refer to my jewelry or jewelry/accessories in general as " Sacred Adornments " because I like to think that what each person adorns their body with reflects each individuals spirit, how each one of us  relate to the world we want to be perceived, what culture we are from even what religion we practice .Of course society and cultural imprinting play a huge role .  In modern culture today fashion trends seem to be what the mainstream society at large looks to but fundamentally at the core it is the same throughout history .what one chooses to wear implicates which group or style one associates with ,there class system ,religion ,sexual ,religious and even racial background. Designer brands are a perfect example of this .I would be lying if I said that I wasn't inspired by pop culture and fashion . As an artist or designer I think I am inspired by the distant ancient  past as a way of sort of transcending todays consumer driven fashion trends which on the surface are meaningless and reflect all that is currently wrong with the world .Fine jewelry made from gold and precious gems symbolize wealth for centuries and seems to have propelled imperialism even today .I don't think I even have to get into the countless indigenous civilizations that have be exploited and or destroyed in our quest for gold ,silver and gems .I do use real gemstones but the gems i use for the most part are fair trade from small mom and pop mining operations .I like to use naturals  gemstones as they are when they come out of ground ..they are simply faceted and drilled .Another reason that I like to use natural gemstones is that certain gems contain certain energies ..(.I know I sound like a hippie kook but just here me out ).....we know from technology and the use of certain crystals in our cell phones and our computers hold or amplify signals at different frequencies.Ancient man seemed to understand this we know because all over the world they built huge monolithic structures arranged with perfect mathematical precision ,made from specific types of stone like quartz Chrystal and lime stone   that had to be imported from in some cases hundreds even thousands of miles away with an exorbitant cost of man power and resources . Stone henge ,The statues of Easter Island  ,Palenque Mayan Ruins and of course the Great Pyramids(You should watch a documentary series called The Pyramid Code it documents new data about what the pyramids were used for ..the author shows evidence that maybe mainstream  Egyptology got it wrong  ... it is current available to watch online on netflix)modern science is just now catching up and understanding what ancient and indigenous people knew about .I use wire for some of the same reasons we know the conductive power of certain metals like copper which is one of my favorite wires to use is very beautiful as it ages the patina has so many colors at different stages of oxidation....also silver and brass.I like to experiment with oxidation because the patina represents time passing which loops back to my being inspired by the past .Oxdation also tends to help bring out the details in my wire work and also gives the jewelry piece a more organic asthedic ..this crescent moon wire sculpture  pendant is a perfect example of how much oxidation really enhances the piece .My Pagan /Wiccan Sistas seem to really love this one hence the crescent is a symbol for the goddess generally but Artemis /Diana goddess of the moon ,I like that this piece seems to also have a sort of abstract or modern feel but still remains organic .
Quan Yin Necklace By Dena Sewell
I like to incorporate clay and textiles as well this next piece My Quan Yin pedant necklace .It is dripping with gemstones .I admit i over do it sometimes but i just can't help it I love me some bling .The use of so many gemstones tends to prop the price of my jewelry up but at the same time I challenge that I think the pieces are unique one of a kind couture quality artisan ship . I challenge anyone to buy fine jewelry with the same kt.weight  at my price points of 50.00 to 150.00.This Quan Yin Necklace converts to a brooch.I used sapphires, tourmaline ,emeralds and moonstone  .the Quan Yin itself was made from polymer clay painted aged with copper leaf the photo doesn't do it justice .I will post more of my jewelry I do other styles of jewelry with vintage textiles . stuff I like and or don't like .please leave me your comments all of yalls opinions are important to me good or bad ...I feel like as it is the most painful constructive criticism has truly helped me evolve as an artist .Smooches and Thanks for all yalls support !Ciao for now !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make some GOOD ASS FRIED PORK CHOPS!That's good eatin !

I cannot think of a better subject for my first post than fried pork chops smothered in sweet n spicy bbq sauce ! That's what was on the menu tonight at La Chateau Cream!For those of you that don't know me I am southern .I was raised in Ga.therefore I fancy some good  fried food every now and again .I have been told that I make the best fried chicken and  or pork chops ever .The truth is I live in New York and most of the folks that have said I make the best fried chicken/pork chops they have ever eaten are white people who grew up in the north so their only point of reference for fried chicken is KFC or at best if they are Italian their grandmas chicken or veal cutlet which is good but a bit of a different thing .
Anyway here is how I make fried chicken and or pork chops...
First of all you'll need a big skillet with enough oil to cover your chicken(I have a deep fryer which is even better but a skillet will do just fine )one of the main things for good results  is to have your oil nice and hot and the second is buttermilk ..yeap Buttermilk! you have to look for it in your supermarket you will need a quart . most markets carry buttermilk  now days even in NYC but you can in a pinch use plain yogurt with milk til it is a milkshake consistency  I swear it makes such a difference ..third would be self rising flour which is a staple in the south it has baking soda baking powder and salt for leavening it is essential for authentic southern fried food .so take your chops or chicken and put them in large bowl and pour buttermilk over the meat all covered many times I will cove it with plastic and leave in the fridge a few hours but is not required( be sure to take it out of the fridge way before you cook the meat you want it to be room temp when you cook it)t step is to season the meat I like to use garlic powder,onion powder,black pepper,cayenne pepper if you like a little heat ,three table spoons of sugar (this helps browning )and a little seasoned salt or adobo be sure not to over salt   put about six cups of SELF-RISING FLOUR it is important ,,,,sometimes it is hard to find here in the north but most markets have Aunt Jemima Brand if you cant find it use just add water waffle and pancake mix you don't add the sugar the waffle mix already has it  ...for pork chops I like to add bread crumbs or panko I add about 2 cups repeat the same seasoning of the flour (I like to put it in a plastic bag but a bowl is fine ) as you did the meat soaking in the buttermilk ...go ahead and turn your oil on so it can get nice and hot I started on medium high and watch it you don't want it so hot it smokes... the oil use about an inch  to an inch and half enough so the chicken or pork is submerged ( use corn oil /safflower vegetable I use good ole Crisco in the can I'm old school) should be about 375 if you don't have a thermometer a trick to know weather it is hot enough is a tear drop size of water if it sizzles its ready !I like to use tongs before you start cooking the meat lay down three layers of paper towels  on a tray or plate ...I used to use news paper but some people find it unsanitary( I guess I am just dirty dirty ) I also like to use cake cooling racks ,so now that the oil is nice and hot you start taking the meat and putting it one piece at a time in the flour coating all over shake off the access flour you should place the floured meat on a plate be sure to sprinkle some flour on the plate I do about 4 pieces at a time.... place the meat in the fryer turn after 4 minutes then cook the other side is it is boneless chicken ,,,pork chops are 7 minutes on both sides chicken with bone is 9 minutes on either side try not to over crowd the fryer it will cause steam an you will have soggy food test to see if the meat cooked all the way cut into the middle of the thickest piece ..I can tell by touch but if you stick to my timing you should be okay depending how thick the meat is ad about 2 minutes per 1/4 inch per side .when you drain the chicken after frying  dont stack it or let the sides touch while cooling the steam will make it soggy.Also salt the meat right after you take it out of the pan to cool the salt seems to stick  better ..good seasoning is also important be sure not to over salt check to make sure your garlic and onion powder don't have salt !I always have to really have to be on guard for people  coming by and snatching pieces as they cook.... otherwise I will be cooking  at the stove for hours with nothing to serve !
As I mentioned before we had smothered bbq fried pork chops for dinner tonight .... sometimes I will add the bbq sauce just for variety they are yummy !after your chicken or pork cools ...pour  just before serving with your favorite bbq  sauce .You can use this method to fry anything when ever I have vegatarian guests I fry veggies this way I just cut them into medallions or french fry style the veggies cook about 4 minute on both sides ...try avocado they are crazy good !use avocados that are fairly firm they will soften when cooked !That's good eatin !I only make this about once a month because I have a small army to feed here at La Chateau Cream they seem to turn into carnivorous beasts when ever I make fried chicken or pork chops !What better way to show your love !This is my contribution to humanity ...some good ass fried pork chops !You make  some and spread the love too !Thanks for stopping by,,,Ciao for now !Keep in touch my sweet kindred spirits  !