Thursday, May 12, 2016

HOLY SHIT is it really May already?

Hey Yall Merry Kindred Spirits !
I have'nt posted in a while and I wanted to catch up a bit and share !The New Age and Esoteric Community folks are talking about " the quickening" which is (what I gather anyway) the philosophy that Time itself is speeding up along with technology and human evolution is all part of "The Singularity" check out this ..Terrance Mckenna's Timewave Zero Presentation ...I think That All The New Age Kooks have a good point!I can't Believe it is already may !
My beautiful and Super awesome daughter Zoe graduated from cosmetology school !It was truly a John Waters moment attending the Beauticians certificate ceremony!I congratulate Zoe and hope she has a prosperous beauty career!I am truly a living John Waters character!LOL!You have to admit the resemblance is uncanny ...

The Cream Street House saga continues....
With a whole new cast of characters...we have new tenants... Matt who is a really cute(he looks like Jack White of the white stripes ) 23-year-old kid from Fla who goes to school at the Culinary Institute but seems to have a passion for guitar .He is an all around cool cat  .I have a house guest who isnt really a tenant but a real character none the less...His name is Pope Black as he is a sub-genius member I guess you could say ...he was the Sub-genius Pope of Germany!If you are not familiar with the Sub-Genius Movement you must truly acquaint yourself .My life seems to be peppered with characters who associate themselves with the Sub-Genius Movement ....Pope Black Aka Dave is a real piece of work !He moved  back to the United States just over a year ago from Germany where he lived for the past 14 years .It is truly amusing when he gets falling down drunk and forgets he is back in the states and speaks to all of us in German.Dave has helped me complete a lot of home improvements on the house and was instrumental in planting the garden this year .Dave is a Chef who  has worked in kitchens all over the world he is actually a great cook.He makes these one pot Zombie Apocalypse  stews for pennies on the dollar which we all enjoy !LOL He is a really smart dude he went to university in Germany ...he is an expert on the occult and has a lot of rare books on the subject also he is an avid hunter I am looking forward to Hunting season ...we will have lots of venison and wild turkey !(I will be sure to post about it when we do ) I must admit Dave is a bit of a drunken whore and all around kook but he has many redeeming and even endearing qualities and has become a part of our family!I also want to note That I truly Adore one of Daves  girlfriends named Jessica !She is  a really cool self-proclaimed "Satanist "!she is really cute and cool chick I hope Dave doesn't blow it !
we have another new tenant who just moved in a week ago who is another culinary student I don't know him very well but ....he is a Dead Head !which for me speaks volumes !I love Dead Heads !I spent a lot of time following the Grateful Dead in The Eighties literally ..when I was in Ringling Bros many of our shows where after or before in the same arenas The  Dead played .alot of people that went to Rainbow Gatherings were Dead Heads ....I dig it !Anyway !The new tenants mother is a super cool woman who is an Amazing  glass artist .I think he will fit in here at Cream Street..Ya never know ,everyone is always awesome for about a month..then their true nature starts to show ...Living at Casa Le Cream is a great exercise for learning how to live with  the most obnoxious people in harmony
I have been exploring Thangka painting !I am working on a huge painting of a blue buddha for several months now I have yet to finish it which seems to be something I do a lot .I have a short attention span .I seem to have 50 or more unfinished projects around .I love sculpting with clay ,sewing ,collage and multimedia projects !Lately, I have been getting into Kawaii jewelry making because my youngest daughter is into it (and secretly me too!)I am working on men's accessories along with my other jewelry which I mostly sell through boutiques and art galleries/faires.Selling online took the joy out of it for me it isn't all about the Benjamins...I am blessed to have a choice .Reproducing the same thing over and over really sucks the joy out!!

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