Monday, April 11, 2011

So glad I was born !I had such a great Birthday sun.April 10,2011 I turned 41

I am so glad I was born!I turned 41 yesterday ,April 10,2011.It was the Best
The Eggs Nest in Highfalls ,NY
birthday I ever had !My amazing "Guy Friend" and my super awesome daughters took me to one of my favorite restaurants for brunch at The Eggs nest in Highfalls NY just outside of New Paltz.I Love the food the kooky folk art /gypsy /decor !I had the french onion soup, fish and chips served with a nice slice of toasted home made banana bread .I love the unexpected way they fuse home cooking .The owner Mr.Richard Murphy is an amazing and full of life which is truly reflected in his restaurant which has been there for going on 40 years .Richard  is a beautiful 60 something  white haired flagrantly gay man adorned with a  bright peyote colored rainbow sweater ,his shoes which were nice dress shoes he painted himself and bejeweled .He was draped with a lovely chartreuse silk scarf with fringe !The man exudes light love happiness and of course creativity !He was genuinely delighted when I presented him with one of my clay baby Buddha necklaces  (He has an amazing collection of Buddha statues at the restaurant )
Miniature Reindeer Skulls

1890's specs from Antique store Keith took me to in New Paltz
The" Eggs Nest"is so cozy and casual all the staff are kind and laid back yet hospitable .The food is what I would call american home-style kitsch fusion .It is truly one of my favorite places to eat and Richard (The owner) is one of my favorite new friends !After brunch we went and hit some really awesome antique shops where I got lots of great treasure(I posted pics of my finds ) friend Keith is such a rock star !He really made my birthday super awesome .Then when i arrived home my BFF presented me with a pristine ostrich egg !I cant wait to make something really yummy with it .If anyone has any  suggestions or advise on what to cook with ostrich eggs be sure to leave me a comment .thank you so much all for the lovely birthday wishes !Yall rock !
My BFF Stephen Burgess got me this ostrich egg !Awesome Huh?

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