Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make some GOOD ASS FRIED PORK CHOPS!That's good eatin !

I cannot think of a better subject for my first post than fried pork chops smothered in sweet n spicy bbq sauce ! That's what was on the menu tonight at La Chateau Cream!For those of you that don't know me I am southern .I was raised in Ga.therefore I fancy some good  fried food every now and again .I have been told that I make the best fried chicken and  or pork chops ever .The truth is I live in New York and most of the folks that have said I make the best fried chicken/pork chops they have ever eaten are white people who grew up in the north so their only point of reference for fried chicken is KFC or at best if they are Italian their grandmas chicken or veal cutlet which is good but a bit of a different thing .
Anyway here is how I make fried chicken and or pork chops...
First of all you'll need a big skillet with enough oil to cover your chicken(I have a deep fryer which is even better but a skillet will do just fine )one of the main things for good results  is to have your oil nice and hot and the second is buttermilk ..yeap Buttermilk! you have to look for it in your supermarket you will need a quart . most markets carry buttermilk  now days even in NYC but you can in a pinch use plain yogurt with milk til it is a milkshake consistency  I swear it makes such a difference ..third would be self rising flour which is a staple in the south it has baking soda baking powder and salt for leavening it is essential for authentic southern fried food .so take your chops or chicken and put them in large bowl and pour buttermilk over the meat all covered many times I will cove it with plastic and leave in the fridge a few hours but is not required( be sure to take it out of the fridge way before you cook the meat you want it to be room temp when you cook it)t step is to season the meat I like to use garlic powder,onion powder,black pepper,cayenne pepper if you like a little heat ,three table spoons of sugar (this helps browning )and a little seasoned salt or adobo be sure not to over salt   put about six cups of SELF-RISING FLOUR it is important ,,,,sometimes it is hard to find here in the north but most markets have Aunt Jemima Brand if you cant find it use just add water waffle and pancake mix you don't add the sugar the waffle mix already has it  ...for pork chops I like to add bread crumbs or panko I add about 2 cups repeat the same seasoning of the flour (I like to put it in a plastic bag but a bowl is fine ) as you did the meat soaking in the buttermilk ...go ahead and turn your oil on so it can get nice and hot I started on medium high and watch it you don't want it so hot it smokes... the oil use about an inch  to an inch and half enough so the chicken or pork is submerged ( use corn oil /safflower vegetable I use good ole Crisco in the can I'm old school) should be about 375 if you don't have a thermometer a trick to know weather it is hot enough is a tear drop size of water if it sizzles its ready !I like to use tongs before you start cooking the meat lay down three layers of paper towels  on a tray or plate ...I used to use news paper but some people find it unsanitary( I guess I am just dirty dirty ) I also like to use cake cooling racks ,so now that the oil is nice and hot you start taking the meat and putting it one piece at a time in the flour coating all over shake off the access flour you should place the floured meat on a plate be sure to sprinkle some flour on the plate I do about 4 pieces at a time.... place the meat in the fryer turn after 4 minutes then cook the other side is it is boneless chicken ,,,pork chops are 7 minutes on both sides chicken with bone is 9 minutes on either side try not to over crowd the fryer it will cause steam an you will have soggy food test to see if the meat cooked all the way cut into the middle of the thickest piece ..I can tell by touch but if you stick to my timing you should be okay depending how thick the meat is ad about 2 minutes per 1/4 inch per side .when you drain the chicken after frying  dont stack it or let the sides touch while cooling the steam will make it soggy.Also salt the meat right after you take it out of the pan to cool the salt seems to stick  better ..good seasoning is also important be sure not to over salt check to make sure your garlic and onion powder don't have salt !I always have to really have to be on guard for people  coming by and snatching pieces as they cook.... otherwise I will be cooking  at the stove for hours with nothing to serve !
As I mentioned before we had smothered bbq fried pork chops for dinner tonight .... sometimes I will add the bbq sauce just for variety they are yummy !after your chicken or pork cools ...pour  just before serving with your favorite bbq  sauce .You can use this method to fry anything when ever I have vegatarian guests I fry veggies this way I just cut them into medallions or french fry style the veggies cook about 4 minute on both sides ...try avocado they are crazy good !use avocados that are fairly firm they will soften when cooked !That's good eatin !I only make this about once a month because I have a small army to feed here at La Chateau Cream they seem to turn into carnivorous beasts when ever I make fried chicken or pork chops !What better way to show your love !This is my contribution to humanity ...some good ass fried pork chops !You make  some and spread the love too !Thanks for stopping by,,,Ciao for now !Keep in touch my sweet kindred spirits  !


  1. I like your blog. I can't wait to try this. Thanks....Daniel

  2. Let me know how it turns out !Pass it on... together we will start a fried food revolution !LOL!

  3. I am so happy you posted this!

  4. Well, actually Liz Oliver now!

  5. Cheryl in GeorgiaMarch 8, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    Hello from Georgia! Heading out to the market to pick up pork chops for tonight's dinner. Love your art. I especially love the crescent moon. Is it for sale? Hugs, Cheryl

    1. Thanks for your kind words !I no longer sell my jewelry online. I mostly sell my jewelry in boutiques and consignment in some local Esoteric shops.But if you are interested in purchasing one I will gladly ship it to you ....please email me at I make this necklace in several sizes is available in copper,silver or oxidased brass and comes with a 16 inch matching chain(what ever your preference for length) . The Crescent Moon Pendant in the photo is about the size of a quarter ..and sells for 25 dollars
      hope you enjoyed your pork chops !
      Best Regards

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  7. Looks delicious. I'm going to try your recipe tonight.